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Pellattiero, Anna (2019) Pharmacological modulation of mitochondrial dynamics: identification of a specific OPA1 inhibitor to enhance apoptotic release of cytochrome c. [Ph.D. thesis]

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Thesis not accessible until 16 January 2022 for intellectual property related reasons.
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Abstract (italian or english)

The GTPase activity of OPA1, a dynamin-related mitochondrial protein upregulated in several tumors, controls cristae remodeling, cytochrome c release and apoptosis. To pharmacologically target OPA1 in cancer, we setup and iterated a high-throughput screening of a diversity based chemical library of 10,000 drug-like small molecules for recombinant purified OPA1 GTPase activity inhibition, identifying 8 candidates that were confirmed in a secondary screen. The most promising hit (MYLS22) was highly specific, as it could bind to recombinant OPA1 GTPase and did not inhibit recombinant Dynamin 1 GTPase activity. MYLS22 was not mitochondriotoxic, but it increased OPA1 oligomers disassembly and cytochrome c release in response to the proapoptotic stimulus BID in purified mitochondria and to hydrogen peroxide in cells, where MYLS22 caused the expected mitochondrial fragmentation. MYLS22 also phenocopied the inhibition of breast cancer cells migration caused by OPA1 silencing. Thus, we identified a first-in-kind OPA1 inhibitor with potential anti-cancer properties.

EPrint type:Ph.D. thesis
Tutor:Scorrano, Luca
Ph.D. course:Ciclo 30 > Corsi 30 > BIOSCIENZE
Data di deposito della tesi:15 January 2019
Anno di Pubblicazione:15 January 2019
Key Words:OPA1, small molecule, apoptosis, mitochondria, mitochondrial dynamics
Settori scientifico-disciplinari MIUR:Area 05 - Scienze biologiche > BIO/10 Biochimica
Struttura di riferimento:Dipartimenti > Dipartimento di Biologia
Codice ID:11624
Depositato il:07 Nov 2019 14:50
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