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Magro, Massimiliano (2020) Development of novel nanotechnologies in food, water and biomedicine. [Ph.D. thesis]

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Abstract (italian or english)

The aim of the present research project was the exploitation of peculiar iron oxide nanoparticles (IONPs), named surface active maghemite nanoparticles (SAMNs), to develop novel challenging applications for food industry, water remediation and biomedicine. The potential of SAMNs as a
promising, low cost, platform for building different drug vehicles, assays for bacteria determination and diagnostic tools was substantiated by eighteen scientific publications in ISI scored international journals. In particular, novel diagnostic platforms and novel pathogen detection strategies were
created by the combination of SAMNs with mass spectrometry, quartz crystal microbalance and colorimetric assays. Furthermore, SAMNs were used as nanocarriers for biomolecules and drugs. A successful gene delivery system was proposed for cell transfection with SAMNs as nanovector, and a drug delivery system was studied in vivo using zebrafish as animal model. Further biotechnological solutions based on SAMNs were proposed as competitive options to current methodologies, techniques and processes for food industry and aquaculture. The presented body of work highlights the opportunity of innovation represented by the development of nanotechnology-based systems, providing affordable, robust and reproducible tools for the next generation of world scenarios.

EPrint type:Ph.D. thesis
Tutor:vianello, fabio
Ph.D. course:Ciclo 32 > Corsi 32 > SCIENZE VETERINARIE
Data di deposito della tesi:07 January 2020
Anno di Pubblicazione:07 January 2020
Key Words:nanotechnologies
Settori scientifico-disciplinari MIUR:Area 05 - Scienze biologiche > BIO/10 Biochimica
Struttura di riferimento:Dipartimenti > Dipartimento di Biomedicina Comparata ed Alimentazione
Codice ID:12807
Depositato il:25 Jan 2021 12:47
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