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Carrara, Massimiliano and Gaio, Silvia (2010) Towards a Formal Account of Identity Criteria. [Journal papers (printed)]

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Abstract (english)

Identity criteria are used to confer ontological respectability: Only entities with clearly determined identity criteria are ontologically ac- ceptable. From a logical point of view, identity criteria should mirror the identity relation in being reflexive, symmetrical, and transitive. However, this logical constraint is only rarely met. More precisely, in some cases, the relation representing the identity condition fails to be transitive. We consider the proposals given so far to give logical ade- quacy to inadequate identity conditions. We focus on the most refined proposal and expand its formal framework by taking into account two further aspects that we consider essential in the application of identity criteria to obtain logical adequacy: contexts and granular levels.

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EPrint type:Journal papers (printed)
Anno di Pubblicazione:July 2010
Key Words:Identity criteria, granularity, equivalence relation, color perception.
Codice ID:3219
Depositato il:21 Oct 2010 09:31
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