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Lorenzon, M. - Pozzebon, A. - Duso, C. (2009) Notes on the phenology and the biology of Tydeus caudatus Dugès (Acari Tydeidae). [Contributo a convegno] In: IOBC/WPRS Working Group “Integrated Control of Plant-Feeding Mites”. Proceedings of the Meeting at Florence (Italy), 9 - 12 March, 2009, 9 - 12 March, 2009, Florence.

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Abstract (inglese)

Knowledge on the biology and ecology of the Tydeoidea is limited. Regarding feeding habits, tydeids appear as an unspecialized group. of the families Tydeidae and Iolinidae are frequently observed in vineyards associated with eriophyid Members mites, and feeding on pollen or fungi has also been reported. Tydeus caudatus Dugès is one of the most common tydeid species occurring in Italian vineyards. Tydeus caudatus populations can persist and increase in vineyards when eriophyid levels are low, suggesting that its diet includes non-prey food sources. In this paper, the suitability of pollen and grape downy mildew as food sources for T. caudatus has been explored. Some findings on the phenology of T. caudatus in vineyards are also reported.

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