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Pozzebon, A. and Duso, C. and Tirello, P. (2008) Effects of grape downy mildew on interactions between fungicides and predatory mites on grapevines. [Conference papers] In: Working Group “Integrated Protection in Viticulture”, 25-27 ottobre 2007, Marsala.

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Abstract (english)

The biological control of phytophagous mites based on phytoseiid mites is a valuable alternative to chemical control. The success of bio-control strategies is favoured by agricultural practices that enhance predatory mites’ habitats, and by the choice of selective pesticides. Generalist phytoseiids can persist in the absence of herbivore mites by exploiting alternative food resources that include Grape downy mildew (GDM) mycelium and spores. We evaluated the effect of GDM on the interactions between fungicides and phytoseiids with a long term perspective.

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Anno di Pubblicazione:2008
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