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Falsaperla, Paolo and Giacobbe, Andrea (2012) Marginal regions for the solute BĂ©nard problem with many types of boundary conditions. [Journal papers (printed)]

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Abstract (english)

A large number of variants of the BĂ©nard problem (with a solute, rotating, subject to magnetic field, etc) have been extensively studied. Despite this, new interesting results can be obtained imposing very general yet physically relevant boundary conditions. In this framework, we develop a technique to analytically compute the marginal region in parameter space.

We investigate the thermal stability of a fluid layer salted from below, subject to finite slip on velocity and Robin conditions on temperature and solute concentration. We write analytical conditions for the onset of stationary convection, obtain simplified formulas for particularly symmetric cases, and draw the associated (convective) marginal regions in some significant cases. Moreover, we describe the analytical conditions for the onset of overstability, and use such equations to numerically draw the associated (overstable) marginal region. We finally perform an asymptotic analysis for small wave numbers.

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EPrint type:Journal papers (printed)
Anno di Pubblicazione:2012
Key Words:BĂ©nard problem, binary fluids, stability, finite-slip, Newton-Robin
Settori scientifico-disciplinari MIUR:Area 01 - Scienze matematiche e informatiche > MAT/07 Fisica matematica
Struttura di riferimento:Dipartimenti > Dipartimento di Matematica
Codice ID:5081
Depositato il:19 Jun 2012 13:14
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  • Marginal regions for the solute BĂ©nard problem with many types of boundary conditions. (deposited 19 Jun 2012 13:14) [Currently Displayed]

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