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Eleftheriou, Georgios (2008) Uso di farmaci Antidepressivi Inbitori del Reuptake della Serotonina, di farmaci Antiepilettici e di Retinoidi in Gravidanza. [Ph.D. thesis]

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Abstract (english)

After the catastrophic event of thalidome in Europe, early in the sixties, the FDA planed experimental protocols for the study of the reproduction toxicity of drugs and other substances.
In this work, we begun our route from the fecundation to the normal fetal development and the principles of developmental toxicology. We reported an outline of the pathogenesis of developmental toxicity and we mentioned the sources of the teratogenic evaluation: animal experiments and epidemiologic data.
Finally, we refer the follow-up interview; this interview consisted of a comprehensive list of questions with regard to maternal health during pregnancy, pregnancy outcome, delivery, and neonatal health.

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EPrint type:Ph.D. thesis
Tutor:Carrara, Marisa
Data di deposito della tesi:2008
Anno di Pubblicazione:2008
Settori scientifico-disciplinari MIUR:Area 06 - Scienze mediche > MED/41 Anestesiologia
Struttura di riferimento:Dipartimenti > pre 2012 - Dipartimento di Farmacologia ed Anestesiologia "E. Meneghetti"
Codice ID:578
Depositato il:22 Sep 2008
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