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Samonà, Leonardo (2008) Autocoscienza e sapere assoluto. [Journal papers (printed)]

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Abstract (english)

The article individuates free self-alienation and reconciliation as the specific characters of the last chapter of Phenomenology of Spirit, in contrast to an interpretation of absolute knowing as appropriation of otherness within selfconsciousness.
Such self-alienation has already been developed by Hegel in the chapter “Religion”. The limit of religion depends on the last opposition to otherness, and not on to the presence of otherness itself, which has already been taken off along the path of self-becoming and self-consciousness. The overcoming of this opposition represents the crucial difference between self-consciousness in chapter IV and self-consciousness of spirit. The inclusion of otherness is realized in the content of revealed religion, but not in the its form, which is imprisoned in the reference to an abstract divinity. The aim of absolute knowing is to change the sense of absoluteness, which has to mean the overcoming of Entfremdung through Entäusserung and Versöhnung, or through the unification of self-consciousness with consciousness: absolute spirit becomes other from itself and includes the other in its own identity.

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EPrint type:Journal papers (printed)
Anno di Pubblicazione:2008
Key Words:autocoscienza, sapere assoluto
Settori scientifico-disciplinari MIUR:Area 11 - Scienze storiche, filosofiche, pedagogiche e psicologiche > M-FIL/06 Storia della filosofia
Area 11 - Scienze storiche, filosofiche, pedagogiche e psicologiche > M-FIL/01 Filosofia teoretica
Struttura di riferimento:Dipartimenti > Dipartimento di Filosofia, Sociologia, Pedagogia e Psicologia Applicata
Codice ID:7277
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