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Deposit policies

Padua@research is an institutional archive where research work carried out by the University of Padua may be deposited. Its aim is to archive and make the intellectual production of the university personnel accessible and available online.

Who can deposit works in Padua@research?

Any professors, researchers, PhD students and scholars associated in any way with the University of Padua may deposit their documents in Padua@research. After registering, authors may deposit their papers directly in the archive, allowing their free access. In special cases, access restrictions may apply. The staff of Padua@research shall carry out a formal check of the deposited documents, i.e., their electronic format and catalogue data, and shall later make the papers freely accessible.

How is the deposit process carried out?

A straightforward procedure guides authors through the process of depositing their documents in the archive. Should authors require any further assistance, the Padua@research library staff is always available.

What documents can be deposited?

Any scientific or technical documents deriving from research may be deposited in Padua@research, as long as they are complete and in online format. Documents may be unpublished/unreviewed, in course of publication, already published and reviewed. Documents are intended as journal papers, contributions to collective works and lectures, technical reports, work documents, projects and PhD theses produced by the University of Padua. Although they may be in any language, we suggest writing the abstracts and keywords in English, to make documents more visible internationally and retrievable by search engines worldwide. Teaching materials or documents protected by industrial patents CANNOT be deposited.

Authors depositing their works in Padua@research retain their copyright in compliance with the law.

For further information on archiving, see Archive
For issues associated with copyright, see Copyright policies