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Del Din, Silvia (2012) Innovative Techniques for Biomechanical Evaluation of Stroke Survivors: Combined fMRI-Gait Analysis Assessment and Fugl-Meyer Clinical Scores Estimation Through Wearable Sensors. [Ph.D. thesis]


Guerra, Stefania (2012) Clinical risk measure for variability analysis and real-time prevention of hyper/hypo-glycaemic episodes from continuous glucose monitoring time-series. [Ph.D. thesis]


Rahman, Mohammed Mostafizur (2012) Bistability and Hysteresis of Sodium Channels at Neuromuscular Junction. [Ph.D. thesis]

Rizzo, Gaia (2012) Development of novel computational algorithms for quantitative voxel-wise functional brain imaging with positron emission tomography. [Ph.D. thesis]


Sanavia, Tiziana (2012) Biomarker lists stability in genomic studies: analysis and improvement by prior biological knowledge integration into the learning process. [Ph.D. thesis]

Squarcina, Letizia (2010) Diffusion tensor imaging and fiber tractography: new approaches to study altered microstructure and evaluation in different pathologies. [Ph.D. thesis]


Tramontan, Lara (2012) Development and web-based implementations of algorithms for the automatic analysis of vessels in retinal images. [Ph.D. thesis]


Veronese, Elisa (2012) Methods for segmentation and characterization of multiple sclerosis cortical lesions from MRI data. [Ph.D. thesis]

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