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Tesi di dottorato

Gambalunga, Alberto (2008) Identificazione e caratterizzazione di nuovi inibitori del poro della transizione della permeabilità  mitocondriale. [Ph.D. thesis]

Azzolini, Michele (2015) Pharmacology of natural polyphenols: prodrugs and biochemistry of Resveratrol and Pterostilbene. [Ph.D. thesis]

Caproni, Elena (2011) Distinctive innate immune signatures at injection site boost the adaptive response to flu subunit vaccine. [Ph.D. thesis]


Compostella, Maria Elena (2016) Structural characterization of Helicobacter pylori proteins contributing to stomach colonization. [Ph.D. thesis]

D'Alessandro, Stefano (2013) Biochemical and functional characterization of p23, a regulatory co-chaperone of HSP90 in Arabidopsis. [Ph.D. thesis]

Giannetti, Sara (2013) Structural and functional characterization of sarcoendoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPases (SERCA). [Ph.D. thesis]

Greotti, Elisa (2015) Development of new tools to explore organelle calcium dynamics in vivo: a new fret-based calcium sensor and a mitochondria targeted channelrhodopsin. [Ph.D. thesis]

Inferrera, Marco (2014) Le applicazioni biotecnologiche nella medicina traslazionale. [Ph.D. thesis]

Lakshminarayanan, Sowmya (2016) A FRET based high content screen identifies DMPK as a novel tether of ER and mitochondria. [Ph.D. thesis]

Lanciai, Federico (2015) Plant-inspired solutions for modern food technology: Ice Structuring Proteins from winter wheat. [Ph.D. thesis]

Mariotti, Letizia (2015) GABAergic interneuron communication to astrocytes: a novel modulatory signalling in brain networks. [Ph.D. thesis]

Meneghello, Anna (2016) Surface plasmon resonance based platforms for clinical and environmental biosensing applications. [Ph.D. thesis]

Pirrello, Simone (2015) Condition dependence of sexually selected signals in the European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris). [Ph.D. thesis]

Tondello, Alessandra (2010) Edophytes Watching: combining molecular and microscopy approches to isolate, identify, tag, and monitor fungi and bacteria inside plants. [Ph.D. thesis]

Toniolo, Chiara (2015) The role of CpsABCD in Streptococcus agalactiae capsule biosynthesis. [Ph.D. thesis]

Vallese, Francesca (2013) New insights into the [FeFe]-hydrogenase maturation pathway. [Ph.D. thesis]

Zanetti, Filippo (2010) Intact hearts: a new tool for elucidating the antioxidant role of the prion protein. [Ph.D. thesis]

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