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Ph.D. thesis

Antonello, Andrea (2017) Design of a robotic arm for laboratory simulations of spacecraft proximity navigation and docking. [Ph.D. thesis]

Bettella, Alberto (2008) Generation and propagation of vibrations on satellite structures and planetary bodies after hypervelocity impacts. [Ph.D. thesis]

Bettiol, Laura (2018) Dynamics and control of highly flexible structures for aerospace applications. [Ph.D. thesis]

Branz, Francesco (2016) Innovative technologies for the actuation of space manipulators. [Ph.D. thesis]

Cardesin Moinelo, Alejandro (2010) Study and implementation of the end-to-end data pipeline for the virtis imaging spectrometer onboard Venus Express: "from science operations planning to data archiving and higher level processing". [Ph.D. thesis]

Cesaro, Michele (2013) Numerical and experimental methods for the calibration of electronic instrumentation on BepiColombo Mission. [Ph.D. thesis]

Colosimo, Santo Fedele (2010) Validation of a Radiative Transfer model for the atmosphere of the Giant Planets through the data of V.I.M.S. (Visibile Infrared Mapping Spectrometer) the image spectrometer of the Cassini-Huygens interplanetary mission. [Ph.D. thesis]

Corso, Alain Jody (2014) Ground calibrations of PHEBUS spectrometer onboard of BepiColombo mission. [Ph.D. thesis]

Cucciarrè, Francesca (2013) Numerical and experimental methods for design and test of units and devices on BepiColombo Mission. [Ph.D. thesis]

Curreli, Davide (2011) Analysis, simulation and testing of advanced electrodynamic systems for space propulsion. [Ph.D. thesis]

Duzzi, Matteo (2018) Spacecraft Rendezvous and Docking Using Electromagnetic Interactions. [Ph.D. thesis]

Feltrin, Francesco (2020) Design and Testing of Clustered Components For Modular Spacecraft Architectures. [Ph.D. thesis]

Fonte, Sergio (2010) Test e validazione di strumentazione da volo. [Ph.D. thesis]

Friso, Enrico (2010) Thermal effects reduction techniques for the SIMBIO-SYS scientific suite of BepiColombo mission. [Ph.D. thesis]

Gerlin, Francesca (2014) Beam Propagation in Quantum Communication. [Ph.D. thesis]

Gini, Francesco (2014) Goce precise non-gravitational force modeling for POD applications. [Ph.D. thesis]

La Gloria, Nicola (2008) Simultaneous localization and mapping applied to an airship with inertial navigation system and camera sensor fusion. [Ph.D. thesis]

Laudisio, Fulvio (2018) Verification and integration of the management and control software for the Near Infrared Spectrometer Photometer of the Euclid space mission. [Ph.D. thesis]

Mazzucato, Mattia (2018) Design and testing of a vision based navigation system for a spacecraft formation flying simulator. [Ph.D. thesis]

Moretto, Federico (2011) Performance Characterization of Propulsion Systems for Spacecraft Applications. [Ph.D. thesis]

Mudric, Teo (2014) Impact behaviour of multifunctional panels. [Ph.D. thesis]

Olivieri, Lorenzo (2015) Development and characterization of a standardized docking system for small spacecraft. [Ph.D. thesis]

Pastore, Guido (2017) Tethers for Deorbit of Objects in High Eccentricity Orbits at the End-of-Life. [Ph.D. thesis]

Patricelli, Luca (2013) Innovative Solutions For The Thermal Control Of Aeronautic Vehicles. [Ph.D. thesis]

pozzobon, oscar (2017) Satellite Navigation Authentication and applications in Aeronautics. [Ph.D. thesis]

Sansone, Francesco (2015) Technologies for a miniature LEO satellites telecommunication network. [Ph.D. thesis]

Savioli, Livia / LS (2015) Analysis of innovative scenarios and key technologies to perform active debris removal with satellite modules. [Ph.D. thesis]

Valmorbida, Andrea (2014) Development and testing of model predictive control strategies for spacecraft formation flying. [Ph.D. thesis]

Zanutto, Denis (2013) Analysis of Propellantless Tethered System for the De-Orbiting of Satellites at End of Life. [Ph.D. thesis]

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