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Angiola, Marco (2016) Gas sensing properties of carbon nanostructures. [Ph.D. thesis]



Bai, Chengying (2018) Highly porous geopolymer components. [Ph.D. thesis]

Belmonte, Enrico (2016) Multi-scale modeling of the fatigue behavior for short fiber reinforced thermoplastics. [Ph.D. thesis]

Bottazzo, Jlenia (2012) Rubber compounds for industrial applications. [Ph.D. thesis]

Buso, Dario (2008) Sol-Gel Films containing Metal and Semiconductor Nanoparticles for Gas Sensing. [Ph.D. thesis]


Caliari, Daniele (2018) Development and optimization of surface hardening treatments and anodizing processes. [Ph.D. thesis]

Capurso, Giovanni (2013) Innovative Materials and Systems for Solid State Hydrogen Storage. [Ph.D. thesis]

Chukin, Dmitry (2017) Formation of structure and properties by heat treatment in high-strenght Fe-Ni-C invar alloys, doped with cobalt, vanadium and molybdenum. [Ph.D. thesis]

Cittadini, Michela (2014) Nanostructured materials for plasmonic based gas sensors. [Ph.D. thesis]

Colusso, Elena (2018) Silk based nanocomposites for biophotonic and optical devices. [Ph.D. thesis]

COMISSO, ANTONELA (2017) Thin films for soft X-ray optics: deposition, characterisation, optical and spectroscopic testing techniques. [Ph.D. thesis]

Conte, Alberto (2018) Development of brake components: geopolymer based brake pads. [Ph.D. thesis]

Corradetti, Stefano (2013) Study and development of high release refractory materials for the SPES project. [Ph.D. thesis]

Costacurta, Stefano (2008) Mesoporous films obtained by supramolecular self-assembly and their characterisation by advanced techniques. [Ph.D. thesis]


Dai Prè, Marta/M (2012) Nanocomposites for optical applications. [Ph.D. thesis]

Della Gaspera, Enrico (2011) Noble Metal / Metal Oxide nanocomposite thin films for optical gas sensors. [Ph.D. thesis]


Elsayed, Hamada and Javed, Hassan and Sabato , Antonio G. and Smeacetto, Federico and Bernardo, Enrico (2018) Novel glass-ceramic SOFC sealants from glass powders and a reactive silicone binder. [Journal papers (printed)]

Elsayed, Hamada and Rincon Romero, Acacio and Letizia, Ferroni and Chiara, Gardin and Barbara, Zavan and Enrico, Bernardo (2017) Bioactive glass-ceramic scaffolds from novel 'inorganic gel casting' and sinter-crystallization. [Online journal papers]

Elsayed, Hamada and Rincon Romero, Acacio and Molino, Giulia and Vitale Brovarone, Chiara and Bernardo, Enrico Bioactive Glass-Ceramic Foam Scaffolds from 'Inorganic Gel Casting' and Sinter-Crystallization. [Online journal papers]

Elsayed, Hamada Said Abdelwahab (2017) Biodegradable and Bioactive Porous Polymer/Inorganic Nanocomposites Scaffolds for Biomedical Applications. [Ph.D. thesis]


Fiocco, Laura (2016) Silicate ceramics from preceramic polymers and fillers. [Ph.D. thesis]

Franchin, Giorgia (2017) Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics. Printing Beyond the Binder. [Ph.D. thesis]

Frare, Maria Chiara (2014) Opto-thermal properties of plasmonic metal nanostructures in solution and in polymer matrix for optical limiting protection against cw laser. [Ph.D. thesis]

Furlani, Eddy (2012) Studio dell'abrasivo flessibile nel processo di satinatura dei materiali metallici. [Ph.D. thesis]

Fuss Botti, Renata (2018) Development of Structured Porous Heterogeneous Catalyst for Biodiesel Production by Transesterification of Vegetable Oil. [Ph.D. thesis]


Gaballah, Ahmed (2018) FUV- EUV Polarimetric System Development. [Ph.D. thesis]

Giacomazzo, Sujatha (2017) Integrated Micro and Nano Systems for Photonic Detection in Liquids. [Ph.D. thesis]

Giordano, Gianmarco (2018) Electro-assisted deposition of sol-gel thin films: study of the process and its applications. [Ph.D. thesis]

Giulitti, Stefano (2014) High-throughput Human Cell Reprogramming through Substrate and Microfluidics Integration. [Ph.D. thesis]

Guzi De Moraes, Elisangela (2015) Advanced cellular ceramics processed using direct foaming methods. [Other] UNSPECIFIED.




Mantovani, Federica (2008) Studio di nanocomposti a matrice epossidica per impieghi industriali nel settore di Coating. Analisi delle relazioni tra caratteristiche morfologiche, proprietà  reologiche e prestazioni. [Ph.D. thesis]

Marangoni, Mauro (2016) Dense and porous glass and glass ceramics from natural and waste raw materials. [Ph.D. thesis]

Mattarello, Valentina (2016) Au-Co Thin Films and Nanostructures for MagnetoPlasmonics. [Ph.D. thesis]

Minotto, Alessandro (2014) Characterization of CdSe-CdxZn1-xS core-shell QDs as active materials for compact micro-cavity lasers. [Ph.D. thesis]

Miranda Pérez, Argelia Fabiola (2013) Solid state phase transformations in Advanced Steels. [Ph.D. thesis]


Parcianello, Giulio (2012) Advanced ceramics from preceramic polymers and fillers. [Ph.D. thesis]

Perin , Giovanni (2018) Advanced Ceramics for Sustainable Energy Conversion Processes: from High Functionality Chemical Tailoring to Nanoscale Designed Materials. [Ph.D. thesis]

Pistore, Anna (2009) Novel materials and geometries for plasmonic crystal based sensors. [Ph.D. thesis]

Ponsot, Inès (2015) Glasses and Glass-Ceramic Components from Inorganic Waste and Novel Processing. [Ph.D. thesis]


Rabelo Monich, Patricia and Dogrul, Fulden and Lucas, Hugo and Friedrich, Berndt and Bernardo, Enrico (2019) Strong porous glass-ceramics from alkali activation and sinter-crystallization of vitrified MSWI bottom ash. [Online journal papers]

Rabelo Monich, Patricia and Rincon Romero, Acacio and Desideri, Daniele and Bernardo, Enrico (2020) Waste-derived glass-ceramics fired in nitrogen: Stabilization and functionalization. [Online journal papers]

Rabelo Monich, Patricia and Rincon Romero, Acacio and Hoellen, Daniel and Bernardo, Enrico (2018) Porous glass-ceramics from alkali activation and sinter-crystallization of mixtures of waste glass and residues from plasma processing of municipal solid waste. [Journal papers (printed)]

Rabelo Monich, Patricia and Vollprecht, Daniel and Bernardo, Enrico (2020) Dense glass-ceramics by fast sinter-crystallization of mixtures of waste-derived glasses. [Online journal papers]

Rakhmonov, Jovid (2018) Development and characterization of a new generation of transition elements based secondary Al-Si-Cu-Mg foundry alloys. [Ph.D. thesis]

Rincón, Acacio (2018) Development of low cost waste-derived sintered glass-ceramics for energy saving and recovery. [Ph.D. thesis]

Rincon Romero, Acacio and Desideri, Daniele and Bernardo, Enrico (2018) Functional glass-ceramic foams from "inorganic gel casting" and sintering of glass/slag mixtures. [Journal papers (printed)]

Rincon Romero, Acacio and Elsayed, Hamada and Bernardo, Enrico (2018) Highly porous mullite ceramics from engineered alkali activated suspensions. [Journal papers (printed)]

Rincon Romero, Acacio and Giacomello, Giovanni and Pasetto, Marco and Bernardo , Enrico (2017) Novel "inorganic gel casting" process for the manufacturing of glass foams. [Journal papers (printed)]

Rincon Romero, Acacio and Marangoni, Mauro and Cetin, Suna and Bernardo, Enrico (2016) Recycling of inorganic waste in monolithicand cellular glass-based materials forstructural and functional applications. [Journal papers (printed)]

Rincon Romero, Acacio and Salvo, Milena and Bernardo, Enrico (2018) Up-cycling of vitrified bottom ash from MSWI into glass-ceramic foams by means of "inorganic gel casting" and sinter-crystallization. [Journal papers (printed)]

Rincon Romero, Acacio and Tamburini, Sergio and Taveri, Gianmarco and Tousek, Jaromir and Dlouhy, Ivo and Bernardo, Enrico (2018) Extension of the 'inorganic gel casting' process to the manufacturing of boro-alumino-silicate glass foams. [Journal papers (printed)]

Rincon Romero, Acacio and Toniolo, Nicoletta and Boccaccini, Aldo R. and Bernardo, Enrico (2019) Glass-Ceramic Foams from 'Weak Alkali Activation' and Gel-Casting ofWaste Glass/Fly Ash Mixtures. [Online journal papers]

Rodriguez Gamero, Jesus Enrique (2018) Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) production from lipids containing agri-food wastes. [Ph.D. thesis]


Saccarola, Stefano (2008) Micropolveri e nanopolveri: studi di processo e caratterizzazione. [Ph.D. thesis]

Salviato, Marco (2013) Experimental analysis and multi-scale analytical and numerical modelling of nanomodified composite mechanical properties. [Ph.D. thesis]

Sartori, Emanuele (2013) Study, analysis, design and diagnostics of plasma and beam facing components of fusion devices. [Ph.D. thesis]

Schmidt, Johanna (2018) Lithography-based additive manufacturing of ceramics from siloxane preceramic polymers. [Ph.D. thesis]

Simonetto, Enrico (2018) In-line control of tube bending processes by means of smart tools. [Ph.D. thesis]

Strozi Cilla, Marcelo (2015) Highly porous geopolymers: effect of the processing route on the reached properties. [Ph.D. thesis]

Sturaro, Marco (2016) Synthesis and characterization of transparent conductive oxides for gas sensing, solar control and transparent electrode applications. [Ph.D. thesis]

Suman, Michele (2009) Studio dell'interazione della radiazione elettromagnetica con strutture nanometriche per lo sviluppo di ottiche. [Ph.D. thesis]


Taveri, Gianmarco and Bernardo, Enrico and Dlouhy, Ivo (2018) Mechanical Performance of Glass-Based Geopolymer Matrix Composites Reinforced with Cellulose Fibers. [Online journal papers]

tessarolo, enrico (2018) Componenti ottici negli ambienti spaziali: fabbricazione, caratterizzazione e degrado delle prestazioni. [Ph.D. thesis]

Toniolo, Nicoletta and Rincon Romero, Acacio and Marangoni, Mauro and Boccaccini, Aldo R. and Bernardo, Enrico (2018) Glass-ceramic proppants from sinter-crystallisation of waste-derived glasses. [Journal papers (printed)]

Toniolo, Nicoletta and Rincon Romero, Acacio and Roether, J.A. and Ercole, Piero and Bernardo, Enrico and Boccaccini, Aldo R. (2018) Extensive reuse of soda-lime waste glass in fly ash-based geopolymers. [Journal papers (printed)]



Vazquez Aguilar, Reyna Areli (2012) Surface and wear analyses of cermet and ceramic coatings. [Ph.D. thesis]


Zamuner, Annj (2018) Functionalized polymer-derived bioceramics for bone tissue engineering. [Ph.D. thesis]

Zanchetta, Erika (2014) Innovative patternable materials for micro- and nano- fabrication. [Ph.D. thesis]

Zocca, Andrea (2015) Additive Manufacturing of Porous Ceramic Structures from Preceramic Polymers. [Other] UNSPECIFIED.

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