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Abozeid, Mohamed (2018) Imaging and Radio-immunotherapy of pancreatic cancer. [Ph.D. thesis]

Agatea, Lisa (2016) An integrated proteomic and genomic approach to study FAP patients without APC and MutHY mutations. [Ph.D. thesis]

Agnusdei, Valentina (2013) Selective targeting of NOTCH-1 for therapeutic purposes in xenograft models of T-acute lymphoblastic leukemia. [Ph.D. thesis]

Ave, Elisa (2010) Le cellule mesenchimali staminali nella patogenesi della leucemia linfatica cronica di tipo B. [Ph.D. thesis]

Baboci, Lorena (2014) Human papillomavirus - associated head and neck squamous cell carcinomas in North-East Italy. [Ph.D. thesis]

Baron, Emma (2011) Characterization of the t(6;11)(q27;q23) in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia. [Ph.D. thesis]

Bedin, Chiara (2014) Utilizzo di Nanoporous Silica Chip nello studio del profilo peptidico plasmatico: applicazione nello sviluppo e progressione del cancro colorettale. [Ph.D. thesis]

Bellio, Chiara (2015) Cancer stem cells from epithelial ovarian cancer patients privilege oxidative phosphorylation, and resist glucose deprivation. [Ph.D. thesis]

Bertazza, Loris (2011) Analisi delle Cellule Tumorali Circolanti nel carcinoma gastrico e nelle metastasi epatiche da cancro del colon-retto: ruolo di Survivin e CD133 come fattori prognostici. [Ph.D. thesis]

Biasiotto, Roberta (2010) Functional characterization of the p13 protein of HTLV-1. [Ph.D. thesis]

Bobisse, Sara (2008) Ridirezionamento dell'immunità anti-tumorale in terapia cellulare adottiva: trasferimento genico del T-Cell Receptor mediato da vettori lentivirali. [Ph.D. thesis]

Bojnik, Engin (2017) Unlocking new molecular mechanisms and potential therapeutic targets for chronic lymphocytic leukemia. [Ph.D. thesis]

Bongiovanni, Deborah (2019) Therapeutic targeting of Hedgehog signalling pathway in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL). [Ph.D. thesis]

Borella, Giulia (2019) AML Blasts Support a Leukemia-Permissive Microenviroment revealing the Stromal Contribution Eligible for Innovative 3D Targeting. [Ph.D. thesis]

Boscaro, Elisa (2010) Fattori prognostici nella leucemia linfatica cronica di tipo B. [Ph.D. thesis]

Boso, Daniele (2017) Wnt pathway co-factors TCF1 and TCF4 control glioblastoma phenotype through an oxygen-dependent mechanism. [Ph.D. thesis]

Brisotto, Giulia (2018) A single-cell metabolism-based assay for circulating tumour cell enumeration and clinical validation in metastatic breast cancer patients. [Ph.D. thesis]

Brunello, Antonella (2017) Soft tissue sarcomas: evaluation of biomarkers and clinical outcomes. [Ph.D. thesis]

Campana, Luca Giovanni (2013) Sviluppo delle applicazioni cliniche dell'elettroporazione nel trattamento delle metastasi cutanee e dei tumori dei tessuti molli. [Ph.D. thesis]

Campeggio, Mimma (2018) Prognostic Role of Minimal Residual Disease before and after Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in pediatric ALL patients and evaluation of droplet digital PCR applicability in pre-HSCT MRD monitoring. [Ph.D. thesis]

Canovas Nunes, Sara Jose' (2017) Study of Rho GTPases in multiple myeloma: involvement of RhoU in disease initiation and progression. [Ph.D. thesis]

Carpanese, Debora (2015) A natural polymer (NPX) as a new adjuvant for breast cancer vaccination strategies. [Ph.D. thesis]




Cerutti, Elisa and Campagnoli, Maria F and Ferretti, Massimo and Garelli, Emanuela and Crescenzio, Nicoletta and Rosolen, Angelo and Chiocchetti, Annalisa and Lenardo, Michael J and Ramenghi, Ugo and Dianzani, Umberto (2007) Co-inherited mutations of Fas and caspase-10 in development of the autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome. [Online journal papers]

Ciarleglio, Francesco Antonio (2011) Impatto prognostico delle resezioni epatiche allargate nel trattamenti del colangiocarcinoma ilare nell'era genomica: Analisi di centro. [Ph.D. thesis]

Ciccarese, Francesco (2015) LKB1 deficiency sensitizes cancer cells to oxidative stress. [Ph.D. thesis]

Consolaro, Francesca (2015) Role of FOXM1 and FOXO3a in B-lymphoblastic leukaemia progression and glucocorticoid responsiveness. [Ph.D. thesis]

D'Angelo, Edoardo (2018) Decellularized colorectal cancer matrix as bioactive microenvironment for in vitro 3D cancer research. [Ph.D. thesis]

Dalla Pietà, Anna (2018) Natural Polymer X (NPX): A Novel Adjuvant For Protein-based Vaccination Strategies. [Ph.D. thesis]

Damuzzo, Vera (2015) A harmonized approach towards immuno-monitoring of myeloid-derived suppressor cells for prediction of clinical outcomes in melanoma patients treated with ipilimumab. [Ph.D. thesis]

Del Mistro, Annarosa and Frayle Salamanca, Helena and Trevissan, Rosana and Bertorelle, Roberta and Parenti, Anna and Bonoldi, Emanuela and Zambon, Paola and Minucci, Daria (2006) Human papillomavirus typing of invasive cervical cancers in Italy. [Online journal papers]

Desantis, Giacomo (2013) Altered differentiation of tumor-associated monocytes and macrophages following genetic ablation of disabled homolog 2 gene. [Ph.D. thesis]

Enzo, Maria Vittoria (2013) Analysis of blood-based markers as predicting tools of pathologic tumour response in rectal cancer patients receiving neo-adjuvant chemoradiotherapy. [Ph.D. thesis]

Falco, Cristina (2015) Exploring the Relationship between Ageing and Cancer: from Translational to Clinical Research. [Ph.D. thesis]

Falisi, Erika (2011) Caratterizzazione di una sottopopolazione mieloide umana analoga ai promielociti e dotata di attività immunosoppressoria. [Ph.D. thesis]

Fedeli, Ugo and Alba, Natalia and Schievano, Elena and Visentin, Cristiana and Rosato, Rosalba and Zorzi, Manuel and Ruscitti, Giancarlo and Spolaore, Paolo (2007) Diffusion of good practices of care and decline of the association with case volume: the example of breast conserving surgery. [Online journal papers]

Frasson, Chiara (2010) Cellule staminali tumorali: ruolo della Side Population nei tumori solidi. [Ph.D. thesis]

Frayle Salamanca, Helena (2009) HPV e carcinoma della cervice uterina. [Ph.D. thesis]

Frenati, Melania (2013) Role of CYBR, a cytohesin binder and regulator scaffold protein, in cell-mediated immune response in vivo. [Ph.D. thesis]

Galdi, Francesca (2010) Studio dell'espressione delle Protein Chinasi C (PKC) alpha, beta 2, delta e theta nelle lesioni pre-neoplastiche e neoplastiche dello stomaco e correlazioni clinico patologiche con l'infezione da Helicobacter pylori. [Ph.D. thesis]

Gallina, Giovanna (2008) Caratterizzazione morfologica e molecolare di tumori stromali gastrointestinali (GIST) sincroni in popolazione adulta non sindromica. [Ph.D. thesis]

Ghisi, Margherita (2010) Studio del ruolo dei microRNA nella maturazione e nella leucemogenesi T. [Ph.D. thesis]

Gianesin, Ketty (2015) Study of Immune Senescence and Premature Aging in Two Populations at Higher Risk of Cancer: Elderly People and Perinatally Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-Infected Children. [Ph.D. thesis]

Grasso, Marco and Lania, Caterina and Blanco, Salvatore and Baruffi, Marco and Mocellin, Simone (2004) Reduction in PSA messenger-RNA expression and clinical recurrence in patients with prostatic cancer undergoing neoadjuvant therapy before radical prostatectomy. [Online journal papers]

Grillo, Maria Francesca (2016) Leucemie linfoblastiche acute T pediatriche: Analisi di mutazione attraverso il sequenziamento di ampliconi o dell'intero esoma. [Ph.D. thesis]

Grizzi, Fabio and Di Ieva, Antonio and Russo , Carlo and Frezza, Eldo E and Cobos, Everardo and Muzzio, Pier Carlo and Chiriva-Internati, Maurizio (2006) Cancer initiation and progression: an unsimplifiable complexity. [Online journal papers]

Henrique Rocha Agnellini, Andrielly (2016) The role of nitric oxide in cancer immunotherapy. [Ph.D. thesis]

Herszényi, László and Farinati, Fabio and Cardin, Romilda and István, Gábor and Molnár, László D and Hritz, István and De Paoli, Massimo and Plebani, Mario and Tulassay, Zsolt (2008) Tumor marker utility and prognostic relevance of cathepsin B, cathepsin L, urokinase-type plasminogen activator, plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1, CEA and CA 19-9 in colorectal cancer. [Online journal papers]

Leone, Kevin (2017) The Endocytic Adaptor DAB2 Controls : the Macrophage-Assisted Metastatic Process. [Ph.D. thesis]

Lombardi, Giuseppe (2014) 2-Hydroxyglutarate as a biomarker in glioma patients. [Ph.D. thesis]

Macaccaro, Paolo (2017) Immunophenotypic characterization of B-lymphopoiesis in KO mice for oncogenic Ser / Thr kinases by multiparameter flow cytometry. [Ph.D. thesis]

Mainardi, Chiara (2017) Detection of an immunological response against TEL/AML1 fusion protein. [Ph.D. thesis]

Manara, Elena (2011) Understanding the mechanism of CREB overexpression in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia. [Ph.D. thesis]

Mandato, Elisa (2016) Protein kinase CK2 in diffuse large b-cell lymphoma: defining its role to shape new therapies. [Ph.D. thesis]

Mandruzzato, Susanna and Callegaro, Andrea and Turcatel, Gianluca and Francescato, Samuela and Montesco, Maria C and Chiarion-Sileni, Vanna and Mocellin, Simone and Rossi, Carlo R and Bicciato, Silvio and Wang, Ena and Marincola, Francesco M and Zanovello, Paola (2006) A gene expression signature associated with survival in metastatic melanoma. [Online journal papers]

Manicone, Mariangela (2013) Functional interactions of the Tax and p13 proteins of Human T-cell Leukemia Virus Type I. [Ph.D. thesis]

marigo, ilaria (2010) Il programma tollerogenico delle cellule soppressorie di origine mieloide dipende dal fattore di trascrizione C/EBPbeta. [Ph.D. thesis]

Marino, Dario (2016) Ruolo prognostico dei tumor associated macrophages e del rapporto linfociti/monociti su sangue periferico alla diagnosi nel linfoma di Hodgkin. [Ph.D. thesis]

Mariotto, Elena (2017) In vitro and in vivo antitumor activity of new choline kinase inhibitor: a pharmacological strategy for breast cancer and leukemia treatment. [Ph.D. thesis]


Maruzzo, Marco (2018) Prognostic and predictive role of miRNAs, CTCs AND AR-V7+ CTCs expression in advanced prostate cancer treated with new hormonal agents: a feasibility study. [Ph.D. thesis]

Masiero, Massimo (2009) Induzione della fosfatasi MKP-1 ad opera di NOTCH3: ruolo di questa proteina nell'apoptosi in cellule di leucemia T. [Ph.D. thesis]

Mattiuzzo, Elena (2018) Pharmacological studies of novel antitumoral compounds. [Ph.D. thesis]

Mazzoldi, Elena Laura (2018) Epithelial ovarian cancer: a study on the autophagic and microenvironmental regulation of cancer stem cells and the pro-tumorigenic role of casein kinase 1 delta. [Ph.D. thesis]

merante boschin, isabella (2010) MUTAZIONI BRAF NEL CARCINOMA PAPILLARE DELLA TIROIDE. [Ph.D. thesis]

Mukherjee, Subhamoy (2013) Role of microRNAs in the regulation of normal T cell development and pathogenesis. [Ph.D. thesis]

Muraro, Elena (2013) IGHV1-69 as a promising candidate for the development of a shared immunotherapy to B-cell lymphomas. [Ph.D. thesis]

Nagorsen, Dirk and Deola, Sara and Smith, Kina and Wang, Ena and Monsurro, Vladia and Zanovello, Paola and Marincola, Francesco M and Panelli, Monica C (2005) Polarized monocyte response to cytokine stimulation. [Online journal papers]


Paci, Eugenio and Miccinesi, Guido and Puliti, Donella and Baldazzi, Paola and De Lisi, Vincenzo and Falcini, Fabio and Cirilli, Claudia and Ferretti, Stefano and Mangone, Lucia and Finarelli, Alba Carola and Rosso, Stefano and Segnan, Nereo and Stracci, Fabrizio and Traina, Adele and Tumino, Rosario and Zorzi, Manuel (2006) Estimate of overdiagnosis of breast cancer due to mammography after adjustment for lead time. A service screening study in Italy. [Online journal papers]

Paderi, Francesca (2015) Bone metabolism involvement in acute lymphocytic leukemia: the receptor Activator Nuclear Factor Kappa B Ligand pathway. [Ph.D. thesis]

Papalini, Francesca (2011) Analisi del programma tollerogenico delle cellule soppressorie di origine mieloide. [Ph.D. thesis]

Parrozzani, Raffaele (2013) Cytogenetic analysis of uveal melanomas: a long-term experience. [Ph.D. thesis]


Pastò, Anna (2013) Colon stem cell characterization in normal and tumoral tissues: description of a novel feed-forward circuit of Msi-1 regulation. [Ph.D. thesis]

PAVAN, LAURA (2013) Overexpression of the protein kinase CK2 increases the survival and resistance to chemotherapy of acute myeloid leukemia cells. [Ph.D. thesis]

Persano, Luca (2009) Stratergie di terapia anti-angiogenica con IFN-ALFA in un modello di neoplasia prostatica spontanea. [Ph.D. thesis]

Peta, Elektra (2012) Studio dei microRNA associati ad infezione da papillomavirus. [Ph.D. thesis]

Petrara, Maria Raffaella (2013) Dynamics of Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 infected adults and children. [Ph.D. thesis]

Pilotto, G (2017) Metabolic and molecular profiling of ovarian cancer stem cells and cancer non-stem counterpart. [Ph.D. thesis]


Pinton, Laura (2014) The crosstalk between activated T cells and Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells: characterization of molecular mechanisms involved in immune suppression. [Ph.D. thesis]

Pizzini, Silvia/P.S. (2012) A bioinformatic approach to the study of gene, microRNA expression and alternative splicing regulation in colorectal cancer progression and liver metastasis. [Ph.D. thesis]

Provenzano, Maurizio (2009) Impaired immune pro-inflammatory cytokine profiling in
prostate cancer patients upon induction using peptides within
polyomavirus BK LTag-p53 binding regions.
[Ph.D. thesis]

Provenzano, Maurizio and Bracci, Laura and Wyler, Stephen and Hudolin, Tvrtko and Sais, Giovanni and Gosert, Rainer and Zajac, Paul and Palu, Giorgio and Heberer, Michael and Hirsch, Hans H and Spagnoli, Giulio C (2006) Characterization of highly frequent epitope-specific CD45RA+/CCR7+/- T lymphocyte responses against p53-binding domains of the human polyomavirus BK large tumor antigen in HLA-A*0201+ BKV-seropositive donors. [Online journal papers]

Quotti Tubi, Laura (2012) A new feature of CK2 function: it's role in granulocytic differentiation induced by retinoic acid. [Ph.D. thesis]

Redaelli, Marco (2009) Herpes virus bovino di tipo 4 come vettore per la terapia genica dei gliomi. [Ph.D. thesis]

Romualdi, Chiara and De Pittà, Cristiano and Tombolan, Lucia and Bortoluzzi, Stefania and Sartori, Francesca and Rosolen, Angelo and Lanfranchi, Gerolamo (2006) Defining the gene expression signature of rhabdomyosarcoma by meta-analysis. [Online journal papers]

Roncato, Rossana (2017) Innovative strategies for tailoring therapy in cancer patient pharmacogenetics and therapy personalization in metastatic colorectal cancer patients treated with irinotecan. [Ph.D. thesis]

Rondina, Maria (2010) Ingegnerizzazione di cellule T con un recettore chimerico anti-hPSMA per l'immunoterapia adottiva del carcinoma prostatico. [Ph.D. thesis]

Saggioro, Mattia (2019) Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma 3D model development to mimic physiological cell-ECM interactions with focus on integrins. [Ph.D. thesis]

Scattolin, Gloria (2019) Selective killing of T-acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) cells by activation of the ROS-OMA1-OPA1 axis. [Ph.D. thesis]

Sensi, Francesca (2019) Recellularized colorectal patient-derived scaffold as in vitro pre-clinical 3D model for drug screening. [Ph.D. thesis]

Serafin, Valentina (2012) Notch3 signalling promotes tumour growth in colorectal cancer: implication for Notch target therapy. [Ph.D. thesis]

Severin, Filippo (2016) Leukemic cell/microenvironment interactions in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: role of JAK/STAT axis in the survival of neoplastic clone. [Ph.D. thesis]

Sinigaglia, Alessandro (2009) Studio del ruolo dei miRNA nella patogenesi dell'epatocarcinoma hcv-correlato. [Ph.D. thesis]

Solito, Samantha (2010) Cellule soppressorie di derivazione mieloide: espansione nei pazienti con tumore, induzione in vitro con fattori di crescita ed analisi dei meccanismi molecolari coinvolti nell'immunosoppressione. [Ph.D. thesis]

Stagni, Camilla (2017) Genomic analysis in cutaneous melanoma: a tool for predictive biomarker identification and molecular classification. [Ph.D. thesis]

Tassone, Evelyne (2012) Extracellular matrix-degrading enzymes and control of fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) signaling in pediatric glioma cell lines. [Ph.D. thesis]

Teramo, Antonella (2009) Meccanismi patogenetici della malattia linfoproliferativa dei linfociti granulati. [Ph.D. thesis]

Tognon, Martina (2018) Investigation of Metabolic Heterogeneity and Clonal Selection Driven by anti-VEGF therapy in Ovarian Cancer. [Ph.D. thesis]

Tosi, Anna (2017) Identification of a HLA-A*0201-restricted immunogenic epitope from the universal tumor antigen DEPDC1. [Ph.D. thesis]

Trentin, Luca (2010) Microarray Analysis: a Leading Tool in the Classification and Biological Characterization of Pediatric Onco-Hematological Diseases. [Ph.D. thesis]

Trimarco, Valentina (2012) Role of Nocodazole on the survival of chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells. [Ph.D. thesis]

Turrini, Riccardo (2010) Targeting BARF1 for the therapeutic control of
EBV-associated malignancies.
[Ph.D. thesis]

Ugel, stefano (2008) Approcci di immunoterapia attiva e passiva basati sull'antigene telomerasi in modelli di carcinogenesi murina. [Ph.D. thesis]

Ulazzi, Linda and Sabbioni, Silvia and Miotto, Elena and Veronese, Angelo and Angusti, Angela and Gafà, Roberta and Manfredini, Stefano and Farinati, Fabio and Sasaki, Takako and Lanza, Giovanni and Negrini, Massimo (2007) Nidogen 1 and 2 gene promoters are aberrantly methylated in human gastrointestinal cancer. [Online journal papers]

Valpione, Sara (2017) Biomarkers of prognosis and toxicity for metastatic melanoma patients treated with ipilimumab. [Ph.D. thesis]

Vecchione, Andrea and Prayer Galetti, Tommaso and Gardiman, Marina and Ishii, Hideshi and Giarnieri, Enrico and Pagano, Francesco and Gomella, Leonard G and Croce, Carlo M and Baffa, Raffaele (2004) Collecting duct carcinoma of the kidney: an immunohistochemical study of 11 cases. [Online journal papers]

Venturoli, C (2017) Study of the metabolic effects of anti-angiogenic therapy in experimental models of ovarian cancer. [Ph.D. thesis]

Vettore, Marina (2018) The immunological landscape of primary brain tumors: a comparative study of the immunosuppressive myeloid cell populations in benign and malignant tumors. [Ph.D. thesis]

Wang, Ena and Panelli, Monica C and Zavaglia, Katia and Mandruzzato, Susana and Hu, Nan and Taylor, Phil R and Seliger, Barbara and Zanovello, Paola and Freedman, Ralph S and Marincola, Francesco M (2004) Melanoma-restricted genes. [Online journal papers]

Zaffino, Fortunato (2015) Analysis of Protein Kinase CK2 in B-lymphopoiesis and lymphomagenesis in a mouse conditional Knockout model. [Ph.D. thesis]

Zambon, Paola and Ricci, Paolo and Bovo, Emanuela and Casula, Alessandro and Gattolin, Massimo and Fiore, Anna Rita and Chiosi, Francesco and Guzzinati, Stefano (2007) Sarcoma risk and dioxin emissions from incinerators and industrial plants: a population-based case-control study (Italy). [Online journal papers]

Zanchettin, Gianpietro (2017) BMP axis in cancer cachexia. [Ph.D. thesis]

Zangrossi, Manuela (2018) Study of the extra-telomeric functions of telomerase in in vitro and in vivo models. [Ph.D. thesis]

Zavagno, Giorgio and Carcoforo, Paolo and Marconato, Renato and Franchini, Zeno and Scalco, Giuliano and Burelli, Paolo and Pietrarota, paolo and Lise, Mario and Mencarelli, Roberto and Capitanio, Giovanni and Ballarin, Andrea and Pierobon, Maria Elena and Marconato, Mario and Nitti, Donato (2005) Role of axillary sentinel lymph node biopsy in patients with pure ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast. [Online journal papers]

Zavagno, Giorgio and De Salvo, Gian Luca and Casara, Dario and Del Bianco, Paola and Rubello, Domenico and Meggiolaro, Fabrizio and Rossi, Carlo Riccardo and Pierobon, Mariaelena and Lise, Mario (2004) Sentinel node biopsy for breast cancer: is it already a standard of care? A survey of current practice in an Italian region. [Online journal papers]

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