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Numero di documenti: 47.


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Sitzia, Tommaso and Semenzato, Paolo and Viola, Franco (2006) The protection of heritage elements against landscape evolution: defining a secondary forest typology to guide management towards their integration. [Conference papers] In: 22nd Conference of the Permanent European Conference for the Study of the Rural Landscape, 4-9 settembre 2006, Berlin, Germany.

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Zhang, Hongwu and Santagiuliana, Raffaella and Schrefler, Bernhard (2006) Return Mapping Algorithm for an Enhanced Generalized Plasticity Constitutive Model of Partially Saturated Soils. [Preprint]

Østensen, Monika and Khamashta, Munther and Lockshin, Michael and Parke, Ann and Brucato, Antonio and Carp, Howard and Doria, Andrea and Rai, Raj and Meroni, Pierluigi and Cetin, Irene and Derksen, Roland and Branch, Ware and Motta, Mario and Gordon, Caroline and Ruiz-Irastorza, Guillermo and Spinillo, Arsenio and Friedman, Deborah and Cimaz, Rolando and Czeizel, Andrew and Piette, Jean Charles and Cervera, Ricard and Levy, Roger A and Clementi, Maurizio and De Carolis, Sara and Petri, Michelle and Shoenfeld, Yehuda and Faden, David and Valesini, Guido and Tincani, Angela (2006) Anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive drugs and reproduction. [Online journal papers]

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