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Forlivesi, Marco (2008) João Poinsot (Joannes de sancto Thoma – Juan de sto Tomás – Jean de st Thomas – Giovanni di s. Tommaso – John of St Thomas). Bibliographie générale. [Other] UNSPECIFIED, J. Schmutz (a cura di), Scholasticon [http://], 1999-.

Articolo di periodico (a stampa)

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Articolo di periodico (online)

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Contributo a convegno

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Contributo in Libro

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Rapporto tecnico

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Tesi di dottorato

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Bilancio Idrogenionico nell’uomo
Nuovi concetti nello studio Clinico
dell’Equilibrio Acido – Base.
[Ph.D. thesis]

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Validazione della teoria e dimensioni cliniche del cambiamento.
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[Ph.D. thesis]


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Zanon, Franco (2008) Hybrid substrates employment for the development of Gallium Nitride HEMTs: study of reliability and failure modes. [Ph.D. thesis]

Tesi di dottorato pre - 2008

Mascolo, Raffaella (2008) Separately CR functions and peak interpolation manifolds. [Ph.D. thesis (pre 2008)]

Working Paper

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